Bootstrapping Innovation

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Meet Alan and Larry at the New Media Consortium (NMC)
Hear their story of Bootstrapping Innovation the Doug Engelbart Way

"Bootstrapping Innovation provides a structure for empowering people to solve complex problems together leveraging the untapped potential of people, knowledge, and tools to help us make smarter choices, achieve more brilliant outcomes, and increase innovation capacity and overall effectiveness."
Ronni Marshak, Senior Consultant/Analyst, Patricia Seybold Group [Source 2010]


"While Demming provided the improvement approach for the industrial age, Doug provided the innovation approach for the knowledge age."
Curt Carlson, President & CEO, SRI International, and author of Innovation: The Five Disciplines [Source 2008]

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Bootstrapping Innovation™ is a practical strategy for increasing the Collective IQ of any organization, network or society, while also expanding its capacity for innovation and continuous improvement. This strategy is designed to help the organization jump the curve more rapidly from the current path of doing business and improving itself, to a future more brilliant path.

Five organizing principles offer unique insight, alignment and leverage to increasingly expand and accelerate results:

  1. Cultivate and network your innovators
  2. Leverage Collective IQ via dynamic knowledge ecosystems
  3. Focus beyond products or services on whole capability and genuine need
  4. Use a co-evolutionary 'expedition' approach to push the envelope faster
  5. Walk your talk to bootstrap results

Bootstrapping Innovation is a distillation of Doug Engelbart's strategic vision put to practice. It is essentially the same strategic approach he applied in his own research team for a powerful multiplier effect with breakthrough results, and documented in his Bootstrap "Paradigm Map".

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