Tuesday, September 24th , 1996

12:00 AM All Things Considered
1:00 BBC NewsDay/Outlook
2:00 World Affairs Council: "The Global Context of the American Economy." (a repeat
broadcast from Monday, September 23rd)
This morning's guest speaker is Joseph Stiglitz, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors.
3:00 Morning Edition with Bob Edwards
7:00 LIVE President Clinton's Address to the United Nations
National Public Radio provides live coverage of the President's address at the
51st Annual Session of the United Nations General Assembly. The President
will be introduced by the newly-elected General Assembly President, Razali
Ismail, Malaysia's veteran UN envoy. NPR's Neal Conan anchors the
broadcast with Senior News Analyst, Daniel Schorr.
8:00 Morning Edition
9:00 LIVE Forum with Michael Krasny
A discussion on recent and past political scandals--how defamatory remarks or actions affect government and political process as well as the role of media.
Guests include Richard Brody, a Professor at Stanford University; Norman Soloman, syndicated columnist and media critic; and Bruce Cain, Professor of Political Science at U.C. Berkeley.
10:00 Forum
A discussion on the past, present and future of personal computing and
multimedia. Guests include Douglas Engelbart, Ph.D., researcher and inventor;
and Randall Packer, Director of the Multimedia Studies Program at San
Francisco State University.
10:30 Forum
Forum interviews candidates for State Senate District 13. The candidates are
Dominic Cortese, Reform Party; John Vasconcellos, Democrat; Ray Morton, Republican; and John Webster, Libertarian Party. (Natural Law Party
candidate, Rick Dunstan, was unable to participate).
11:00 LIVE Talk of the Nation with guest host Melinda Penkava
It's one of the more dramatic moments of any presidential candidates--the announcement of the Vice-Presidential candidate. But after the hype, what's
left? What kind of power and influence does the Vice-President have once in office? Guests include Joel Goldstein, Assistant Professor of Law at St. Louis University Law School and author of "The Modern American Presidency;" and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Professor of History at City College of New York.
Then in the second hour, teacher competency. Teachers are the front line
workers preparing the next generation for adulthood. How prepared are they
to do the job? The guests are Dr. Robert Spillane, Superintendent of Fairfax
County Schools; and Keith Geiger, member of the National Commission on
Teaching & America's Future.
1:00 PM Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Terry talks with sociologist and foremost authority on urban poverty, William Julius Wilson. He's the Malcolm Wiener Professor of Social Policy at Harvard University and his new book is called "When Work Disappears: The World of
the New Urban Poor" (Knopf).
2:00 LIVE The World with Tony Kahn, Eddie Mair, & Mary Ambrose
3:00 The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
4:00 Marketplace
4:30 All Things Considered
6:30 Marketplace
7:00 Fresh Air with Terry Gross
8:00 City Arts of San Francisco
Tonight's guest is Putlizer Prize-winning author Wallace Stegner, who
talks about his love for the America West and his life as a writer. This
interview was recorded in 1989, a year before his death.
9:00 BBC NewsDesk/Outlook/Headlines
10:00 Forum with Michael Krasny(a repeat broadcast from this morning)
11:00 All Things Considered

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