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   $ 75  4 lbs  The Augmentation Papers - A Collection Since 1960 (Current)
   $75  4 lbs  Bootstrap Seminar Binder - from three-day seminar (1992) 
   $ 25  1 lbs  Boosting Collective IQ - from half-day seminar (1996)
   $425 10 lbs  Package Deal (1. Augmentation Papers, 2. Seminar Binder, 
3. Together Video, & 4. Augmented Knowledge Video)


   $-na- 1 lb   JCN Profiles: Doug Engelbart, Visionary Leader (1995)
   $125  1 lb   Together We Can Get There! (1991)
   $125  1 lb   Augmented Knowledge Workshop (1986)
   $125  1 lb   A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect (1968)


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