Bootstrap Institute BI Seminar - Boosting Collective IQ (ALLIANCE,681,) 1/96

A Management Seminar with Doug Engelbart 0

March 8, 1998 * 1:00 - 5:00 pm
San Francisco Bay Area

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  • Paradigms Need to Shift
Need to stretch our perception of the rate, scale, and pervasiveness of change; new paradigms 3A

  • Creating High-Performance Organizations
Promoting high-performance individuals, teams, and organizations under conditions of limited resources, by promoting the improvements with the greatest leverage possible 3B

  • Boosting Collective IQ
Promoting collaboration and knowledge management across organizations. 3C

  • Open Hyperdocument Systems
To boost Collective IQ, systems need to reach well beyond existing groupware and WWW paradigms, for interoperability across computer platforms and over time. Open, integrated, interoperable, scalable architectures can be developed cooperatively. 3D

  • Human-Tool Co-Evolution
Improvements in work practices that co-evolve with information technology will be most efficient. To test the synergy, collaborative research can be conducted jointly, in a co-evolution "skunk works." 3E

  • Improving the Improvement Infrastructure
Current techniques for improving organizations are often lagging; we identify new approaches for improvement teams, new forms of pilot operations, networked improvement communities, and high-performance teams. 3F

  • Leveraging Collective IQ
Boosting Collective IQ, and with it, the ability to carry out faster and smarter product and process improvement cycles could become the greatest strategic leverage in the organization. 3G

  • Joining Forces
    in an Alliance
Close cooperation among a broad spectrum of end-user organizations, vendors, consultants, academia, and government institutions,who join efforts in coordinated improvement communities is the most efficient way to "bootstrap" this important effort. 3H

  • Bootstrapping Your Organization
Practical steps and discussion on ways to launch and implement these strategies. 3I

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