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[ba-ohs-talk] GUI Ideas and NODAL

Hi,    (01)

(cc'ed to Lee's last known email address just in case he's not on ohs-talk
yet.)    (02)

I'm trying to implement my GUI ideas but I want to align my basic node class
with NODAL as much as possible.
I'm looking at the NODAL interfaces at
and I'dlike to know how finalised are those interfaces?    (03)

If I'm not talking sense in what follows that's because I'm only just
starting out with actually practising Java. (Anyone want to offer to be my
Java mentor? Offers greatly appreciated.)    (04)

In Nodal, why are there three subclass interfaces of Node: MapNode,
SequenceNode, StructNode?    (05)

The reason I'm asking is because I was going to make a distinction between
hyperlinks and nodes in the data model for my GUI, so I (think I) only have
a base Node-interfacing class (say pNode) that extends java.util.Vector (is
that allowed?), and then a Link class that is a specialisation of pNode to
hold hyperlink data (binary link, extensible to n-ary). Hyperlinks being
links that are not parent-child hierarchy relationships, and which might
extend beyond a particular NodeView of the GUI.    (06)

Also, NODAL looks highly interlinked, lots of interfaces requiring lots of
other types, so is it likely that I'll have to implement most of Nodal just
to use the Node interface properly?    (07)

Peter    (08)

Peter Jones
ppj@concept67.fsnet.co.uk    (09)