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[ba-ohs-talk] Re: D3E use: WAS: GUI ideas

Hi - thanks to all for the feedback. We're painfully aware of 
Phorum's limitations, but wanted to get a d3e-modified first cut out 
there for use. I'm logging your change requests, but obviously we've 
gone open source to spread the load too ;-)  Watch this space...    (01)

At 1:14 PM -0500 11/10/01, Alex Shapiro wrote:
>1.  When I clicked Quote to quote the message I was replying to, the 
>message appeared as it was without any ">" signs preceding each line.    (02)

definitely - I wanted to fix this, but it slipped down the list    (03)

>This makes it impossible to quote between the lines.  Also, another 
>problem with quoting is that the message is quoted with <html> tags 
>around it, and then does not seem to format properly once it is 
>displayed.    (04)

quoting normally just gives plain text - am checking this out    (05)

>2.  There should be an easy way to provide a hyperlink to an 
>individual message, (not even getting into purple numbers).  I 
>wanted to provide a second response to a message that someone had 
>already responded to, but to also acknowledge that I had read the 
>content of the first responce.  However, there is no easy way to 
>provide a hyperlink to an individual message (I think that there 
>might be a hard way by stealing the link from the tree-navigation).    (06)

Currently easiest way is the web standard way: just copy the URL of 
the msg to the clipboard and then paste it into your msg    (07)

The *current thread* is displayed below the field for composing your 
comment, so if the target msg is in that thread, you can already see 
and copy its URL. But if it's in another thread, then you can freely 
browse the tree to find the target, if you've opened the Reply box in 
a fresh window.    (08)

I appreciate that this isn't quite as elegant as it might be. We have 
considered adding all sorts of wizzy javascript that modifies the 
right menu etc, but these tend to be browser specific - we wouldn't 
be happy if all this worked only in IE! A complete applet seems often 
the only way to implement really elegant user interfaces. But the PHP 
code's there, ready and waiting... (Gary our developer is doing this 
whilst *really* working on ScholOnto!)    (09)

Simon    (010)