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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: [unrev-II] Web-based IBIS

A few notes on Eugene's comments:    (01)

- as a complement to perlIBIS, we have a VBA tool that creates MS-Word and
HTML output from QuestMap exports; it can (and has) also been adapted to
produce a wide range of custom output in all sorts of document, diagram,
and other format (disclaimer: I wrote most of it, and I'm not a programmer
:-)  )    (02)

- the Mifflin tool is currently available for licensing. Non-profit
insitutions can get a research agreement that allows them unlimited use;
commercial institutions can get a free trial. Please email me with your
name, title, institution, mailing address, and phone/fax info if you are
interested and we'll send you an agreement to sign. Disclaimers: the
software and documentation are in an as-is state, as there hasn't been
active development in the last year or so; also, we don't have a staff to
process these requests, so it can take a fair amount of time to push the
paperwork through.    (03)

- re open source, it's certainly something we're looking into, and Verizon
has received a request from an august international body to make Mifflin
open source :-)    (04)

- I share Eugene's ultimate goal, but I'd expand it a little. To dialog
mapping and unstructured discussion, Compendium adds a rich set of other
structured approaches, such as analysis and modeling frameworks and other
task-focused/specific tools. I'll shortly be posting a case study with lots
of screen shots to the Compendium Institute website that should give a good
example of one set of these techniques. More can be found in the various
research paper.    (05)

Al    (06)

> Just took a look at Eugene Eric Kim's web IBIS interface (an example at
>     http://www.eekim.com/ohs/lc/dialogmaps/ohs-lc.html#nid4001 ).    (07)

Just a quick note as explanation: I generate these dialog maps using
QuestMap, and export them using a tool I wrote called perlIBIS:    (08)

    http://www.eekim.com/software/perlIBIS/    (09)

When I get around to it, I'll modify perlIBIS to support Compendium's
draft DTD as per Simon's comments, although if someone wants to beat me to
it and make the modifications themselves, feel free. :-)    (010)

> The Mifflin tool currently creates graphical IBIS HTML maps as an export
> function. It adds some metadata and transclusions ('containing views'),
> well as icons, to what the above example shows, as well as some other
> features. It could easily be adapted to contain 'purple numbers' as well.    (011)

I'd love to get my hands on Mifflin and use it instead of QuestMap.  Any
progress on making this open source?  Is there any way I could get a
license for it in the interim?    (012)

> I bring this up here because we are very interested in gluing such
> into existing 'live' web-based systems that would allow IBIS discussions
> originally generated in a f2f session, as most Mifflin/Compendium maps
> to continue in an on-line format (and vice versa -- gluing web-based
> discussions into the Mifflin f2f format).
> Is this system a possibility? Any others come to mind?    (013)

This is my ultimate goal: an integrated dialog map/unstructured discussion
system.  The evolutionary path is to develop a Web-based dialog mapping
app as well as a link database to link the unstructured and structured
dialog together.  This would be greatly facilitated if Mifflin were open
source.    (014)

-Eugene    (015)