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[ba-ohs-talk] relational writing

A piece titled "Jake Savin on Outlining" http://jake.editthispage.com/2001/11/17 is making it's way up on daypop http://www.daypop.com/search?q=link%3Ajake.editthispage.com/2001/11/17&t=w&max=672

The Outlining piece itself is not that interesting, mostly Jake's complaints about his first outlining experience back in school, but it brought to my attention the following:

Dave Winer of http://scriptingnews.userland.com/ used the term "relational writing" to describe the process or writing blogs.  Like "faceted classification", the words are actually more exciting then the concept itself.  Personally, I'd like see it used in a more IBIS like sense.

Another interesting thing about the scriptingnews blog, is that it uses a technique very reminiscent of purple-numbers (and they're purple too).

Here is a link to the relevant "purple number" tag, and the quote:

"Is weblog writing like any other kind of writing that came before? I think not. Linking has never meant so much. I speak from experience, having spent much my early life poring through card catalogs and library shelves, and rarely finding what I was looking for. I was doing then what DNS and HTTP do now (and Google). The Web is so much faster that it makes relational writing possible, much the same way that outlining software made outlining possible. (Before that many people faked the outlines, we were supposed to create them before writing the paper, but instead we wrote them after.)"