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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [ANN] JudoScript, The Scripting Language for Java

Not sure what to make of this.  It's a freeware scripting language for 
Java.  Looks pretty powerful.  Haven't compared it to the open source WebL 
I mentioned earlier.
Jack    (01)

>From: "James Huang" <judoscript@hotmail.com>
>To: sacjug-discuss@piclab.com
>JudoScript is a scripting language and a shell for
>the Java Platform. It is a complete object-oriented
>programming environment with seamless Java code
>interaction. It exposes most Java Platform APIs as
>easy-to-use commands or statements, and has many
>high-level commands that offer features at a much
>higher granularity. It supports advanced data
>structures, algorithms and architectures. JudoScript
>can be either used directly for many daily tasks, or
>for enterprise tasks such as database and XML data
>processing, software prototyping and automated
>testing, job control and networking. Its many
>features include JDBC scripting, XML scripting,
>job scheduling, various kinds of file handling,
>HTML processing, HTTP client and server programming
>with cookie support, versatile mail delivery,
>running native executables with full control,
>thread programming, GUI creation, ...
>The following is some of its uses
>+ Data Processing Applications
>  - Cross-Database Transfer and Processing
>  - Multi-format Data Processing
>  - Data Archiving and Backups
>+ Software Development
>  - Controller and Glue for Animations, etc.
>  - Prototyping
>  - Testing
>  - Technical Documentation
>  - Product Packaging and Installation
>+ Online System Applications
>  - Background Jobs
>  - System Configuration and Monitoring with GUI
>+ Quick Uses
>  - Date/Time calculation and clock
>  - Manage directories, files and archives
>  - Process files
>  - Database quick fixes
>  - Sending e-mails
>  - XML processing and generation
>  - HTML scraping
>  - Quick web download, upload
>  - HTTP server and HTTP proxy server
>  - Calculator and number format convertion
>For complete information and software download, visit
>   http://www.judoscript.com
>James Huang, author    (02)