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[ba-ohs-talk] Re: [unrev-II] Greetings

Ping wrote:
"Here are some tidbits:    (01)

    - Graph visualization has been mentioned here.  I recently
      did a project for an info-viz class that ended up as a paper;
      it got mentioned on Slashdot (probably due to our choice of
      Gnutella as an example domain, rather than the graph layout
      and animation technique that is the real work in the paper).
      See: http://bailando.sims.berkeley.edu/infovis.html";    (02)

Very nice stuff. I watched the video with a co-worker who has done a lot of
layout programming and he was very impressed. The emphasis on 'nice'
animations that keep user comprehension of what's happening seems to me a
big benefit over those approaches that I've seen in similar commercial
products like InXight, the Brain, ThinkMap, etc.    (03)

I'm wondering how hard it would be to link this to a Mifflin/Compendium
database (BTW, all, the data model etc. for Mifflin is already "open
source" so is available for anyone to do anything with). At present this is
an MS-Access database. One of Mifflin's (and QuestMap's) deficiencies is
the lack of an "overview" of the data-space as a whole, and I've long
thought that a tool like any of the above could serve as this.    (04)

Al    (05)