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[ba-ohs-talk] Askemos -- Grove-like operating system

http://www.askemos.org/    (01)

GPL  C and Scheme    (02)

"The Askemos server is an autonomous, distributed operating system on top 
of peer to peer networks which significantly raises the level of 
abstraction in comparison with today's operating systems. It can also be 
understood as an XML object database with stored procedures in XSLT.
Askemos features a virtual machine at document level, an access control 
system modelled after general key systems, persistant processes and 
implicit parallelism."    (03)

When you start to surf this web site, it turns into a Wiki.  After a lot of 
roaming about, I find links to a variety of very interesting places, 
including the xml.com tutorial on Groves.    (04)

The system is designed to operate in a P2P environment.    (05)

 From the high level design document:
"- Root less object network model. - Persistent data. - Not data specific, 
XML optimized. - Flexible name space management. - Object autonomy. - ACID 
transactions. - Simple messaging concept. - Any extension language 
feasible. - Lightweight threads at my fingertip. - The sheer concept of a 
dead lock is a bug altogether. - Many network protocols supported. - API 
for backing store adaptors supporting freenet, gnutella etc. - Distributed 
Virtual Machine (DVM). - A frame work for object to sustain at least 15 
years. - Something for document management as Perl is for tasks like system 
administration. Would have to be sort of an application server, but none 
could deliver the needed features. - Few dependencies, small footprint."    (06)

I'd say there is much to be learnt by roaming this site.  Particularly for 
those who want to discuss NODAL, Groves, and so forth.    (07)

Jack    (08)