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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] DKR Progress, backlink database data

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Rod Welch wrote:    (01)

> Good to hear from you.  Analysis of linking in your letter on December 8, shown
> below, indicates progress toward DKR planning in the link you provided.   Any
> progress to report on applying ideas you and Doug mapped out at SRI for a DKR
> that manages problems through learning and experience.  Seems like a fruitful
> approach.  Gil Regev once talked about context and Eric worried recently that
> this is important.  Has context management been worked into the DKR plan for
> linking?    (02)

What's your definition of "context," Rod?  Do you have something in
particular in mind when you ask about working context management into
linking?    (03)

I would define "context" as "stuff that gives other stuff meaning."  In
this sense, knowledge management is all about context management.  And in
this sense, links are, by definition, something that give context to data.
So, link management itself is a subset of context management.    (04)

-Eugene    (05)

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