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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] DKR Progress, backlink database data

> > Question: what is a link?
> > Question: what is context?
> > Question: when do links define context?
> > Question: when do links need context?
> >
> > Jack    (01)

Rather than giving any names to anything I am just thinking about 
the process. Again, using this .sig discussion as an example, 
then the goal is to derive a set of rules about what to do 
with data/information as it is introduced to the community 
as a question or problem then evolved to predictable guidlines 
used by the community. As the steps are defined, then the user 
wants to go to a central place to get the refined trusted info then 
use it. Of course we must be able to trace back to all the original 
links to rederive the info if desired.     (02)

These steps of evolving the info means someone does some work. 
In the experience/learning/knowledge model this means 
some trusted agent picks the good stuff from experience, 
condenses it to a form that allows the community to learn 
about it, then at some point might codify as a set of rules that 
inform and define how sigs are handled. Finally, someone 
tries to use this guidance in order to make sure that the sig 
they use actually has some value in the discussion.     (03)

So if in a year or so I want to find out how sigs or backlinks 
are used, I might look in an official document that tells me 
the exact rules, study some tutorial information that helps me 
use sigs effectively in the environment, then finally, look back 
and find this note. And all the way, there is a relationship 
between sigs and backlinks. But that's the work and leadership 
in the process comes in - someone attempting to extract and 
evolve some concise reference from the original input. In that 
experience/learning/knowledge model, this kind of work is the 
only way info can move from one level to another.      (04)

Thank You and Best Regards, 
Joe    (05)