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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] DKR Progress on Context, Meaning

> Sometimes meaning drifts away from original
> understanding, because the mind recodes information, like the telephone game,
> and this causes conduct to drift off course
> Rod    (01)

> > So, link management itself is a subset of context management.
> > 
> > -Eugene    (02)

Yes, because the context of each link is important. 
Is it related to the topic? Is it related to any others? 
When the rules for how the system will handle links 
embedded in list messages is known, then 
users might be able to help set context of the link.
for example in the auto-generated list, there is no 
explanation. Perhaps the contributors could add a 
one-liner description to the links they added, and maybe 
even how several links may be related. Then, this 
document will get some special status because 
while it is autogenerated and autoupdated, 
its value has been further increased 
by some personal attention from its contributors. 
Even though it's just a simple text file, markup can always 
be added later to make it live.     (03)

Thank You and Best Regards, 
Joe    (04)