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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] TouchGraph used on Langreiter.com

At 11:37 PM 12/10/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Good article on Rebol at 
>Rebol is free and available for nearly every platform, including old and 
>new Macs.  If you want to do something commercial with it, it's only $79 
>for a commercial license.
>I would think that a lively discussion about Rebol is in order here.
>Jack    (01)

To see what the slashdot folks thought about an interview regarding Rebol, 
look at:
ode=thread&commentsort=3&op=Change    (02)

That's a rather long address. Make sure you get it all.  Actually, it's the 
actual page of the replies, but changed to show highest ranked replies 
first.  Main issues touted were:
         not open source
         not a "common" language
         can't win over .net or .java because they can't afford such a battle
         uses too much memory    (03)

At another page:
1&selm=36406F9F.40E9CB59%40ndirect.co.uk_NOSPAM    (04)

Larry Wall had this to say:    (05)

"So far I think REBOL falls into the category of a cute toy. The 
documentation is sketchy and contains a certain amount of functional mumbo 
jumbo. The licensing terms for the REBOL interpreter are unclear from 
either the documentation or the web site. It's "free", but I don't know 
whether the source is available. The language makes some things easy, but 
other things very difficult. There's no support for system-dependent 
programming. Associative arrays are emulated, but don't scale well (200 
times slower than Perl for 1000 elements). There are no regular expressions 
for pattern matching. Where Perl and REBOL have corresponding builtin 
functionality, the REBOL interpreter seems to run about ten times slower 
than the Perl interpreter. "    (06)

It's hard to know which version of Rebol he was playing with.    (07)

My thoughts: a quick surf on Rebol was fun.  It's easy to like a tiny 
language engine that's ported to practically every platform in use (can't 
say that for Java, etc).  It's somewhat easy to like a language engine that 
wants to take on the Goliaths (I tend to root for underdogs).  It's not too 
easy to get excited about a language engine that's not in some way open 
source (there is reportedly Oscar and Primo as open source variants of 
Rebol, but nothing is actually available).    (08)

Enough surfing for me.
Jack    (09)