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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: article on jms and tomcat

>From: Mark Wilcox <mark.wilcox@WEBCT.COM>
>To: JASIG-PORTAL@lobster.mis.udel.edu
>In case you don't see OReillyNet:
>It's an article on integrating an open-source implemenation of Java
>Messaging Service (JMS) and Tomcat. JMS makes it fairly trivial to pass
>messages back and forth between Java applications. For example you can write
>a pretty functional chat app (the 'hello world' of JMS ) in just a few lines
>without having to deal with any of the infrastructure.
>To me JMS would be an ideal way to enable (post 2.0) channels to talk to
>each other.
>Mark    (01)