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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] TouchGraph used on Langreiter.com

I am hoping the next release will include the topic maps stuff you and 
Murray Altheim are working on.  Is your new code reflected in the cvs now?    (01)

There is a nifty Java wiki (BSD license) at 
http://www.pastiche.org/wiki/RewritingWiki  (as I type this, the site won't 
open).  It downloads as a .war file (just drop that into Tomcat and away 
you go).  Unzip the .war file and the source code is there.  It's about 65k 
download.  I think this would be pretty easy to 1) adapt to a database, and 
2) add TG.    (02)

Jack    (03)

At 07:42 PM 12/14/2001 -0500, Alex wrote:
>At 11:24 PM 12/13/01 -0800, Eugene wrote:
>>On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Alex Shapiro wrote:
>> > Great news:  Christian Langreiter of http://www.langreiter.com has
>> > integrated TouchGraph into his Vanilla Hypertext System
>> > http://www.langreiter.com/space/vanilla-download
>>This is really great news; congratulations, Alex!  I'll look forward to
>>the day when TouchGraph is part of every Wiki implementation. :-)
>Thanks Eugene :-)  I agree about Wiki's, TouchGraph really could be used 
>to make them much easier to deal with, by making their structure visible.
>Once dynamic DB access is worked out (with the main difficulty here being 
>clearing nodes from memory before the graph gets too large), it seems that 
>very little work would have to be done do visualize any Wiki.  I checked 
>out the code for phpWiki on sourceforge 
>http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpwiki/ , and was surprised to see how 
>simple the database structure is.  Also, something that struck me is the 
>TG visualization could be performed independently of the language that the 
>wiki was written in, all that matters is that the database is accessible.
>>I actually attempted this before posting my original announcement, but
>>couldn't do it in less than 15 minutes, and gave up. :-)  I do want to
>>give this a shot myself when I do get a chance -- unless someone wants to
>>beat me to it -- and will definitely take you up on your offer.  When's
>>the ETA for the next release?
>Ah, the ETA for my next release... Well, I keep thinking that it will be 
>soon, but then it turns out that something is harder to code then I 
>thought, or I get off on a tangent adding some neat feature.  I am going 
>to try to stay focused on releasing the next version though, so it should 
>be out in a couple of weeks ... and definitely by the beginning of next year :)
>--Alex    (04)