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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] release of mhpurple.pl v0.1

Sorry for the delay on responding to this, I've been meaning to for
some time but I was swimming in end of the semester goo and then
holiday stuff.    (01)

I have managed to download the latest mhonarc and get it going with
mhpurple, with some diddling.    (02)

The README and top of file of mhpurple.pl say:    (03)

## Filter routine can be registered with the following:
##   <MIMEFilters>
##   text/plain; m2h_purple::filter; /path/to/mhpurple.pl
##   </MIMEFilters>    (04)

Also needed is the following:    (05)

m2h_purple::filter; purple
</MIMEARGS>    (06)

If 'purple' is not passed through to $args in the filter sub, nothing
will happen.     (07)

Also, the tar file is currently a bit wonky. (I pulled it down today,
December 28th). The current table of contents is like this:    (08)

cdent@hot:/tmp $ tar vtf mhpurple-0.1.tar 
lrwxrwxrwx eekim/eekim       0 2001-12-15 23:42 mhpurple-0.1 -> mhpurple
-rw-r--r-- eekim/eekim   18009 2001-12-15 23:38 mhpurple-0.1/COPYING
-rw-r--r-- eekim/eekim    1654 2001-12-15 23:38 mhpurple-0.1/README
-rw-r--r-- eekim/eekim   15520 2001-12-15 23:38 mhpurple-0.1/mhpurple.pl
-=-=-    (09)

Because of the symlink things don't seem to work right:    (010)

[root@hot /tmp]# tar xvf mhpurple-0.1.tar 
tar: mhpurple-0.1/COPYING: Could not create file: No such file or directory
tar: mhpurple-0.1/README: Could not create file: No such file or directory
tar: mhpurple-0.1/mhpurple.pl: Could not create file: No such file or directory
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
-=-=-    (011)

Creating the symlink in advance makes it go. I'm using:    (012)

[root@hot /tmp]# tar --version
tar (GNU tar) 1.12    (013)

Copyright (C) 1988, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

Written by John Gilmore and Jay Fenlason.
-=-=-    (015)

Eugene, could I get from you the rc file that bootstrap uses, plus the
stylesheets involved in the archives? I'd like to experiment with them
to see what I can work out.    (016)

Some things I'm thinking about:    (017)

- people insist (a shame I think) on sending HTML mail. Effective archives
  either need to translate those to text and give them purple numbers,
  or mhpurple needs to get involved with the HTML messages as well.
  Can MIMEFILTERS be stacked?    (018)

- archive maintainers may find purple numbers a little easier to
  swallow if the style sheet info could be inlined in some fashion
  (thus minimizing the number of adjustments that would be necessary to
  add purple numbers to an existing archive setup)    (019)

I don't I understand the current value of the link type field in the
link database. What's the goal there?    (020)

On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (021)

> I made some revisions to mhpurple.pl, and released it as v0.1:
>     http://www.eekim.com/software/mhonarc/#mhpurple
> mhpurple.pl is a MIME filter for MHonArc, the mail archiving program used
> by bootstrap.org:
>     http://www.mhonarc.org/
> It's based on the default MIME filter for text e-mails, mhtxtplain.pl.  It
> does two things:
>     - adds purple numbers to e-mail
>     - extracts links to a text file
> The one revision I made was to add in-response-to links to the link
> database, and mark those as "emailresponse" link types.  All other links
> are marked as "html" link types.
> It's not so well-documented, so feel free to ask questions.    (022)

Chris Dent  <cdent@burningchrome.com>  http://www.burningchrome.com/~cdent/    (023)