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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [xml-litprog-l] xmLP version 1.0 now available

For those interested in Literate Programming, take a look at an outlining
editor called LEO.    (01)

>From the sourceforge site https://sourceforge.net/projects/leo/    (02)

"Leo is a programmer's editor that represents a noweb or CWEB (literate)
program as an outline. The combination of literate programming and outlining
creates a powerful and enjoyable new way of programming."    (03)

The author, Ed Ream, says that he had tried several literate programming
systems and concluded that most people had to write a system that they liked
before they could start using it. Using an outline based editor solved the
problem for him. Leo and its documentation were written using Leo. Ed Ream
says that Leo2 is the realization of a dream, and that it does what he set
out to do several years ago.    (04)

Leo works from outlines and outputs code files with synchronization marks so
that changes made to the code files during debug and test are synched up
with the Leo outline the next time it is opened.    (05)

Thanks,    (06)

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson    (07)

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As a brief introduction, literate programming is a way of writing stories
with source code in them.  An LP compiler picks the code out of the story
and gives you an executable.    (09)

Talk about self-commenting code!
Jack    (010)

>From: "ozabcoates" <Tony.Coates@reuters.com>
>xmLP is an XML literate programming tool, written using XSL-T.  It is
>heavily influenced by FunnelWeb, a non-XML LitProg tool.  I have now
>moved xmLP to SourceForge, and version 1.0 can be downloaded from
>The XSL-T scripts are usable, but the documentation is all but
>non-existent in this release, so please feel free to post any
>questions you may have (either here or on one of the xmLP forums at
>SourceForge).  Documentation will be provided in a later release.
>More test cases are also needed to improve the regression testing.
>xmLP is designed to be used with any XML document markup, although the
>current test cases only use XHTML.  DocBook is the next obvious
>candidate.  In any case, your feedback on what xmLP should or could do
>would be very welcome.
>     Cheers,
>         Tony.
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