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[ba-ohs-talk] Bill Joy and P2P

http://www.business2.com/articles/mag/0,1640,35849,FF.html    (01)

The story behind JXTA, the new Java P2P system.    (02)

"Back in the summer of 2000, when Napster was still the rage, the term 
"peer-to-peer computing" became cocktail party fodder at every gathering in 
Silicon Valley. People started talking about the potential of so-called 
distributed forms of computing, such as the direct sharing of music files 
between Napster users. But there was a problem: no standards, no agreed-on 
ways to create these distributed applications. So Bill Joy, chief scientist 
and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, hatched a plan at his Aspen research 
lab to create a software operating platform upon which such distributed 
applications could be built. "    (03)