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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Bill Joy and P2P

You should know that Pepper, the distributed Personal Knowledge 
Management tool recently discussed on this list, has a JXTA component 
to it, and we (R-Objects) are fairly active in the JXTA community 
because of that.    (01)

One of the things that we use JXTA for is location-independent 
addressing for collaboration purposes, and our next beta is going to 
incorporate some of this. One of the interesting use cases goes like 
this:    (02)

1) I traverse my Personal Knowledge Network, and because its elements 
(we call them Peppercorns) are related to Peppercorns from your 
Personal Knowledge Network, I happen to come across one of your 
Peppercorns.    (03)

2) I have a question about your Peppercorn, or something sparks my 
interest -- whatever -- I'd like to talk to you.    (04)

3) my instance of Pepper "talks to JXTA" and says "I'd like to open 
up an instant messaging channel to the owner of this Peppercorn". 
JXTA takes care of routing, and -- once all parts of this are 
implemented -- finds you in Japan in the back of a taxi, with only a 
cell phone, but starts a chat session with you. As we chat, you 
arrive are the branch office you were going to, and one of the people 
there gives you access to a PC. The chat connection automatically 
transfers over to the PC, without me noticing.    (05)

Cheers,    (06)

Johannes Ernst
R-Objects Inc.    (07)