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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] IBIS question

That is one great question, Johannes. Particularly this
part:    (01)

Johannes Ernst wrote:    (02)

> ...I'm not sure how to use IBIS to capture the tradeoffs
> and the conditions under which one would redo the decision.    (03)

I note, too, that among related choices, one is forever doing pro's
and con's that are the inverse of each other:
   Choice A:
        con: Takes longest (compared to choice B & C)    (04)

   Choice B:
         pro: Takes least amount of time (compared to A & C)    (05)

   Choice C:
         ???: Takes a medium amount of time.    (06)

Is that a pro or a con?? It's a pro with respect to A, but a con
with respect to B.    (07)

Then there are the issues of merging, where choice A and choice
B get "merged" to create a combination strategy. In some cases,
the merge can be simultaneous (we'll use some of A strategy and
some of the B strategy right now). Or, as in your example, the
merge may be sequential (we'll use A for now, and later on we'll
use B).    (08)

I think you are right. These are important aspects of the design
and decision-making process to model. I'll think more about
them, and look forward to the thoughts generated by others
on this list.    (09)