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[ba-ohs-talk] Fw: [WWW2002-ANNOUNCE:7] First Announcement of WWW2002 Program

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From: "WWW2002 Announcements" <www2002@www2002.org>    (01)

Sent: February 10, 2002 9:17 AM
Subject: [WWW2002-ANNOUNCE:7] First Announcement of WWW2002 Program    (02)

> WWW2002 is delighted to unveil many of the program details that will, once
> again, affirm the International World Wide Web Conference as the most
> important and meaningful Web conference of the year.  And while much of
> the program is set, there are still many ways you can actively
> participate.  Please read on for details and deadlines.
> Our Featured Speakers will include:
>    Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and...
>    Richard DeMillo, VP and CTO of Hewlett-Packard and ...
>    Ian Foster, Leader and Innovator in Grid Computing and...
>    Pam Samuelson, McArthur Fellow and...
>    Alfred Spector, IBM Research VP and...
> Read more about them at: http://www2002.org/speakers.html
> Our International Program Committee has largely completed its work.
> WWW2002 received an increased number of paper submittals, and the
> committee reports that the quality of the accepted papers has gone up once
> again.  The full list of accepted refereed papers is available at:
>    http://www2002.org/refpapers.html
> Many of the Alternate Tracks have also completed their selections, and a
> listing of the accepted papers is online at:
>    http://www2002.org/altpapers.html
> WWW2002 is committed to providing lively panels around key topics
> surrounding the web and has assembled a full array of panels, including a
> featured panel on The Semantic Grid.  Panels are available for review at:
>    http://www2002.org/panels.html
> Information about the world-class pre-conference tutorials and workshops
> are available at:
>    http://www2002.org/halfdaytutorials.html
>    http://www2002.org/fulldaytutorials.html    (03)

check out the section on XTM.    (04)

>    http://www2002.org/fulldayworkshops.html
> And you can learn more about what to expect on Developers Day May 11 at:
>    http://www2002.org/devday.html
> In addition, Tim Berners-Lee will join DevDay 2002, as he did at the
> exceptionally well-received WWW9 DevDay in Amsterdam.  People interested
> in proposing to present at DevDay may still contact the DevDay chair or
> DevDay Track Leaders.
> Secure web registration is now available at:
>    https://www0.hawaii.edu/www2002/regonline/
> and it's always best to register early before the Early Bird deadline of
> 28 Feb!
> Wondering how you can more actively participate?  WWW2002 is still
> accepting proposals in several important areas.
> Poster proposals highlighting latebreaking work and projects in progress
> can be submitted until February 15 at:
>    http://www2002.org/cfp-posters.html
> WWW2002 will be bringing back BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions.  The
> World Organization of Webmasters (WOW), one of our WWW2002 Conference
> Partners, has already scheduled a BoF.  You can submit your ideas at:
>    http://www2002.org/bofs.html
> The Deadline for submittal of short papers to the Practice & Experience
> track is 28 February.
>    http://www2002.org/cfp-practice.html
> The Vendors Track submission deadline is 4 March.
>    http://www2002.org/cfp-vendors.html
> People interested in proposing to present at DevDay should contact
> devday@www2002.org.
> And of course, WW2002 welcomes sponsorship from companies interested in
> supporting the development of one Web for everyone.  Let us know at
> sponsors@www2002.org.
> On behalf of the the entire WWW2002 team, we look forward to welcoming you
> to Hawaii!
> Aloha,
> David Lassner
> Conference Chair
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