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[ba-ohs-talk] OHS & the "now" enterprises

When we read that General Electric has put in place a "digital nervous
system that connects anything and everything involved in the company's
business: IT systems, factories and employees, as well as suppliers,
customers and products." And when we further read in the same article
that "GE's senior managers have such a constantly updated view of their
enterprise" and that"Their screens differ according to their particular
business," one does get animpression that what is described here is
Doug's OHS - unless clear distinguishing features spring to mind.    (01)

Having put together "Augmenting Big-Time" (
http://www.fleabyte.org/eic-8.html ) I feel I have failed to clearly
demonstrate the distinguishing features and potential applicability of
the OHS other than that it is more textual than datastream, and
concomittant with that, more interactive in an analog sense. It appears
to me that the OHS is lagging in responsiveness to the digital nervous
system described above, but that it has the merit of permitting faster
deliberation tthrough document-sharing between people. This suggests
that it is well to attempt to define clearly the particular niches for
the OHS and to design an OHS tie-in to financial,
technological/industrial, and scientific datastreams.    (02)

Looking at the world from my place here out in the sticks, it seems to
me that much has changed since the Stanford Colloquium two years ago. I
very much welcome enlightening comments on this subject, preferably in a
form I can attach to the aricle, "Augmentation Big-Time." It may be well
that particular attention be paid to response times between electronic
and neural parties and, hence, to particular applications of the OHS in
the worldly scheme of things; say, in education, in design work, in
strategic planning, &c.    (03)

I believe this topic is very much worthy of a good discussion on this
ba-ohs forum.    (04)

Henry    (05)