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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] open source question

Another important point in open source and open standard 
product development and marketing is the support  tools and 
processes available to the users. All this support must 
of course also be open and standards-based and easily 
replicated and extended by interested users.     (01)

So it is the combination of the technical/human platform for 
conducting the collaboration and of the support/facilitation 
services provided by platform experts to the collaborators 
that make it possible to compose an organized answer to 
some complex question.     (02)

> The point I'm trying to emphasize here is that not only can
> people not use the tool effectively until they've had a chance to learn it,
> but they can't even judge its merit until they've had a chance to use it,
> first-hand.     (03)

... and get supported by its implementors ...    (04)

Thank You and Best Regards, 
Joe    (05)

http://www.ecomworld.com/portals/linux/default.cfm?toc=0&ArticleId=933    (06)