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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: Linux at Sun: The Big Push

Apple does have a great OS, the core of which is Darwin, an open-source 
version of BSD Unix. This is bringing back many people, especially 
developers (myself included) to using MacOS X as the ultimate client 
operating system (wonderful GUI, many end-user and developer 
applications, and a deep, elegant Unix back end). It is with relief and 
a sense of liberation that I can transition from using Windows 
9X/NT/2000.    (01)

I think MacOS X works in the client workstation space. If you're a 
developer, it's the best thing going for developing server-based apps, 
servlets, web services, etc, as well as client apps. You can deploy 
server-based apps on MacOS X or other flavors of Unix (eg, Linux, 
Solaris, BSD). Linux and Solaris are still great contenders in the 
server space. MacOS X and Apple have a ways to go to providing a 
complete server solution (rackmount, RAID, backups, etc). OS X is a 
serious contender for the desktop/laptop market (this is being written 
on a crisp, clean iBook); as such it competes with MS Windows. With the 
death of Eazel a year ago, Gnu/ Linux was dealt a serious blow as a 
desktop platform. Could still happen eventually, but meanwhile...    (02)

Mark    (03)

On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 02:20 PM, Jack Park wrote:    (04)

> FYI...
> Playing with OS X on my son's G4 Mac suggests to me that Apple might be 
> sitting on a great OS.  Unix inside a proven interface.  If they were 
> to move OS X to Intel boxes, as Cringley suggested (my earlier 
> forward), then I wonder how Linux and Solaris would fare...    (05)