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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: Linux at Sun: The Big Push

Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@sun.com> writes:    (01)

 % Man. You guys are making me salivate.
 % My budget simply won't *allow* another machine. And where
 % would I keep it?
 % BTW:
 % Now that I have a DSL line, and a router, I should set up a system
 % that lets me be my own ISP. Any recommendations on systems
 % or "servers for dummies" books I should read?    (02)

 For any of the basic "services" I would recommend getting the
 O'Reilly book on that subject. http://www.ora.com    (03)

 For a general system admin book, I use the 
 "System administrator handbook by evi nemeth,et al"    (04)

 There is an amazing about you can get done by going to 
 yahoo and saying     (05)

 +servicename +linux +tutorial    (06)

 Most of what you need is already done on most of the linux
 configs. And if you put up webmin as part of the tools, you can
 get a gui to manipulate the services.....    (07)

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