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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] ANN: GSIX, v0.44.

Murray,    (01)

I've had a _quick_ glance at GXL.    (02)

There's a lot of semantics in the markup. I prefer options if possible.    (03)

GXL question:
What's the point of chaining attr?
<!ELEMENT attr (type?, attr*, (%val;)) >
That's like having a separate tree spawning off everthing. Why is that
information captured in that way and not just as part of the graph?    (04)

Otherwise, as far as I can tell in a hurry, the rest of the graph is just
like the basic statement of GSIX without the power of contexts, but maybe
I'm missing something.
Have you managed to engineer contexts in GXL?    (05)

Peter    (06)

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> Peter Jones wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Just announcing an update to GSIX to these lists initially.
> > I identified a problem with semantic indeterminacy (problems with
> > in respect of the Bubble Rules for which I hope I've provided an
> > cure.
> > It should now be possible to build proper ontologies (fingers and toes
> > crossed).
> > I hope to provide a document outlining how to do that in due course.
> Peter,
> I just glanced over the GSIX specification and was wondering why
> you didn't use an existing graph syntax for GSIX. I've myself been
> doing something similar to your work (ie., with Peter Becker had
> even posted a preliminary XML Conceptual Graphs DTD last fall), but
> am now basing the syntax in the Graph Exchange Language (GXL), which
> I like because it seems to provide the essential graph semantics
> but can be easily extended. Because I'm expecting to need a common
> graph notation for a number of purposes within my project, this will
> only require a change schema, not notation.
> Murray
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