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[ba-ohs-talk] Transmorpher -- towards HyperScope

http://transmorpher.inrialpes.fr/    (01)

GPL -- sad :(
Transmorpher is a software environment for defining and processing complex 
transformations of XML documents.    (02)

"Structured document transformations will take a very important place in 
many activities including formatting documents to various formats (HTML, 
PDF, Open EBook...) and adapting them for various devices (printers, 
phones, E-Book readers, personal digital assistants...). This requires an 
environment able to take in charge the whole transformation process.
Transmorpher is an environment for defining and processing complex 
transformation flows. It is partly based on the transformation language 
XSLT recommended by the "World-wide web consortium" (W3C). XSLT is overly 
complex for simple transformations (such as renaming tags) and too simple 
for composing transformations (such as applying a transformation until it 
does not apply anymore). It enables the description of individual 
transformations but does not support transformation combination and complex 
data flows.
Transmorpher takes as input a transformation flow described in XML. It is 
portable, open to other transformation engines and yet sufficient for 
expressing complex flows of transformations.
Transmorpher is an environment for processing generic transformations on 
XML documents. It aims at complementing XSLT in order to:
       describe easily simple transformations (removing elements, 
replacing tag and attribute names, concatenating documents...);
       allowing regular expression transformations on the content;
       composing transformations by linking their (multiple) output to input;
       iterating transformations, sometimes until saturation (closure 
       integrating external transformations.
Transmorpher is a first Java implementation of these concepts, taking 
advantage of existing XML parsers and XSLT processors. This site is devoted 
to the development of Transmorpher. Another site will soon be devoted to 
the diffusion of stable versions."    (03)