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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [GP] New book announcement: DIGITAL BIOLOGY

>To: genetic_programming@yahoogroups.com
>From: Peter Bentley <p.bentley@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
>New book announcement:
>How Nature Is Transforming Our Technology And Our Lives
>By Peter J. Bentley
>(Simon & Schuster; February 15, 2002; $24.00)
>Imagine a future world where computers can create universes - digital
>environments made from binary ones and zeros. Imagine that within these
>universes there exist biological forms that reproduce, grow and think.
>Imagine plant-like forms, ant colonies, immune systems and brains, all
>adapting, evolving and getting better at solving problems. Imagine if
>our computers became greenhouses for a new kind of nature. Just think
>what digital biology could do for us. Perhaps it could evolve new
>designs for us, think up ways to detect fraud using digital neurons, or
>solve scheduling problems with ants. Perhaps it could detect hackers
>with immune systems or create music from the patterns of growth of
>digital seashells. Perhaps it would allow our computers to become
>creative and inventive.
>Now stop imagining.
>Digital Biology is a major new popular science book by Peter J Bentley
>describing processes of nature such as evolution, brains, insect swarms,
>immune systems and development and showing how we use the same processes
>within computers to solve our problems.
>For more details, click here:
>http://www.simonsays.com/book/default_book.cfm?isbn=0743204476    (01)