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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] new backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (01)

> ...Studies have shown that
> the vast majority of web sites rely primarily on the colors black and
> white.  This is clearly a problem of global proportions.  If we could only
> get everyone in the world to use mhpurple, we could overcome the dreary
> monotone nature of these web sites with a refreshing dollop of purple.
> Nations would rejoice.  Babies would stop crying.  World hunger would end.
> I cannot claim prior art, unfortunately.  Apple was one of the first
> companies to recognize the overwhelming demand for the color purple, with
> the introduction of its "grape" iMac.  Most recently, Heinz has jumped on
> the bandwagon, and is now the world's leading producer of purple ketchup.    (02)

:__))    (03)