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[ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

Eugene,    (01)

Please see my comments on your comments.  This is a lazy way of doing things,
but it is pretty late....    (02)

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, Rod Welch wrote:
> > Great news and congratulations on progress with mpurple, reported in your three
> > (3) letters today (one shown below).  This might contribute to Lee Iverson's new
> > assignment where he is working on the OHS/DKR using his stunning development of
> > NODAL.  Does this milestone today make progress on Doug Engelbart's request in
> > his letter on 001025 asking about addressability and linking communications to
> > the Launch Plan and other stuff....
> >
> > http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/00/10/25/095632.HTM#L921502
> Yes, it does address Doug's desire to have addressability in e-mail.
> Note that we have had this capability since the formation of these new
> mailing lists in November:    (03)

Glad to hear this.  Can you provide an example showing how addressability and 
purple numbers are applied in email.  Do we see it in this correspondence, and 
I am overlooking the obvious?    (04)

> http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-ohs-talk/0111/msg00011.html
> > ..., which has held things up for awhile?  Does it help people feel comfortable
> > working on knowledge support, also a sticking point since 000120, again on
> > 000503 and in the meeting at SRI on 010608....
> >
> > http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/01/06/05/150032.HTM#RU5O
> I'm not sure what your question has to do with purple numbers, so you'll
> have to clarify.      (05)

So far there has resistance to linking the record even though this is a 
major part of the process for converting information in email, like this 
letter, and other sources, into useful knowledge.  Therefore, if you and 
others are using mpurple to create a connected record, this is a big 
step forward.    (06)

> I will note that your records need correction.  You
> state, "Eugene explained the OHS/DKR project has stepped away from
> thinking about knowledge, reported on 000615."  I most certainly never
> made that claim, especially considering that it is not true and that I
> never had the authority to make such a statement.    (07)

Thanks for feedback on the record for 010605.  Is this based on
personal recollection, or is there an independent record?  I am 
happy to update the record on 010605, but note it seems to align  
with the earlier record on 000615 that says the same thing, and 
both align with your letter on 000928 which says in part that 
"...the [OHS/DKR] group did not have a common picture of what 
we're trying to achieve."    (08)

> > How does your announcement today relate to planning on 001126 for using IT and
> > greater diligence to perform KM?  Does mpurple make it faster and easier to do
> > some aspect of KM, which worried Grant Bowman at that time.....
> >
> > http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/00/11/26/214933.HTM#B15I
> You tell me.  Do you think purple numbers make it faster and easier to do
> "some aspect of KM"?    (09)

I gather mpurple links the end of a para to the beginning of a para.  The
purpose of that link is not clear, but adding an anchor to the beginning of a
para is extremely useful for enabling people to cite specific parts of the
record in preparing analysis and correspondence, which are important parts of
creating and effective Knowledge Space, see POIMS....    (010)

http://www.welchco.com/03/00050/01/09/01/02/00030.HTM#1107     (011)

As a result, mpurple could make KM faster and easier, depending on the mechanics
of accomplishing the tasks.  Can you point to a body of work product showing
where this has been applied that demonstrates folks can knock out a lot of stuff
using mpurple?    (012)

> > Can mpurple be incorporated into Nexist and NODAL in some manner to advance work
> > on the DKR for solving world problems, as planned on 000120?  Can you provide
> > and illustration or scenario on how mpurple would help solve a world problem?
> Do you think mhpurple should be incorporated into Nexist and NODAL?    (013)

Based on your contribution to the OHS/DKR effort the past two years, my feeling
is that mpurple and your work on dialog mapping are critical advances that
complement Nexist and NODAL.  Likely some fine tuning is needed, but this will
occur as more experience is gained using your techniques.  Generally, NODAL
seems to be a statement of goals and theories for OHS/DKR, see review on
010620....    (014)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/01/06/20/234142.HTM#L2311    (015)

....similar to Eric's specs reviewed on 000505; Nexist is a technology framework
for implementing and OHS/DKR-type system, and your work provides tools that are
needed for KM, which is the catch all phrase for what Jack and Lee are working
toward under the umbrella of Doug's vision for an OHS/DKR.  That is why I have
long urged you folks to join forces, i.e., to collaborate.  Why is it that
people ostensibly working on better collaboration don't seem to collaborate? 
That is another KM dilemma for NSF to ponder? (an inside joke)    (016)

Incidentally, how are things going with dialog mapping that you reported on
010917.....    (017)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/01/09/17/085151.HTM#L231806    (018)

Is this rounding into shape for managing email, similar to mpurple?    (019)

> As for your second question, here's a scenario.  Studies have shown that
> the vast majority of web sites rely primarily on the colors black and
> white.  This is clearly a problem of global proportions.  If we could only
> get everyone in the world to use mhpurple, we could overcome the dreary
> monotone nature of these web sites with a refreshing dollop of purple.
> Nations would rejoice.  Babies would stop crying.  World hunger would end.
> I cannot claim prior art, unfortunately.  Apple was one of the first
> companies to recognize the overwhelming demand for the color purple, with
> the introduction of its "grape" iMac.  Most recently, Heinz has jumped on
> the bandwagon, and is now the world's leading producer of purple ketchup.
> Or, is this not the kind of scenario you're looking for?    (020)

You've really nailed me on this one.  Have to plead guilty as charged.  Almost
everything I write is in dull black and white with a little blue and red here
and there. If you were in baseball, Barry Bonds would shudder and fans would
cheer.  Let's see more of this.    (021)

Additionally, I can see a time when mpurple can add addressability to strengthen
analysis and planning for solving world hunger by getting communications aligned
with objectives, requirements and commitments.      (022)

Notice the Powers report found that Enron collapsed into bankruptcy because
their team could not implement an audit trail from daily work to controls
instituted for manage complex transactions, with the result that management
imploded under the weight of confusion and bumbling.  When we do alignment with
mpurple or whatever, we create an "audit trail" that adds intelligence to
information in the record of organizational memory.  Historically, intelligence
has proven to be awfully useful for advancing civilization.  But, Enron didn't
have enough time and so collapsed into chaos.      (023)

Solving world hunger is another complex operation that needs alignment, so
mpurple might be able to contribute meaningfully, especially if you get the
dialog mapping piece of the puzzle going, so folks can organize the record. 
Once you get organization and alignment, all you need is analysis, summary and
feedback and suddenly like magic folks are working intelligently, things are
getting done on time and within budget.  That could make a dent in world hunger,
fix the wagon at Enron, and even the CIA where they need intelligence
support.        (024)

Of course, just musing -- realize this is quite a ways in the future.    (025)

> > I am sure Doug is excited to see things moving ahead, especially in light of
> > recent banter about open source.  When will mpurple begin improving email, which
> > Doug asked about on 000405?  Is that a future release, or is there a way to use
> > mpurple for this now?  A couple examples would help.
> As noted above, we have been using mhpurple since November.  The posting
> above includes an example, and I have used the purple numbers on numerous
> occasions in other postings to this list.
> -Eugene
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Eugene, I do applaud your energy, expertise and persistence in bringing forward
important work that advances KM and Doug's vision.     (027)

Rod    (028)