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[ba-ohs-talk] More on Sun and Linux

http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-hackers/2002-February/msg00199.html    (01)

"With Sun's latest press announcement of strengthening its commitment to 
Linux and Linux compatibility, Sun is further committed to making GNOME the 
preferred desktop for the Solaris operating environment. Sun's priorities 
for the GNOME platform are threefold: stability, accessibility and API 
compatibility. For GNOME to be a viable desktop for Sun customers it must 
demonstrate a high level of robustness, be equipped with accessible 
mechanisms which allow users with disabilities to take full advantage of 
its functionality, and must offer a stable platform to ISVs. To further 
these goals Sun is extending a project to accelerate and assist with the 
GNOME 2.0 development effort. As a part of this project, contributions will 
be made to the codebase to help complete any outstanding porting and 
bugfixing of GNOME 2.0 modules, equip them with accessible interfaces, 
improve their performance, and contribute documentation and localisation. "    (02)