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[ba-ohs-talk] Possible D3E improvement

I was hoping to do this all by myself and claim some kudos/glory but I think
it is probably faster and better for the cause to just point it out anyway.    (01)

A while back I posted this mail
recommending that someone approach these people at the URL mentioned here
(see http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-unrev-talk/0202/msg00002.html#nid02)
  [look everyone, I'm referring to a paragraph id!]
concerning their use of a tool to support their conference on
Global Ethics and Sustainable Development.    (02)

This set me thinking about D3E and how it would support such a discussion.
It occurred to me that if (in the manner of the archives that Eugene has set
up for bootstrap.org) any reply could be fed into the system as a new URL
that would come up to receive comment in the left-hand pane, then you would
have a cool tool.
Also, if a reply could be either a new comment or a URL for a site, people
could link in longer commentary as they saw fit.
This would raise the issue of which thread of discussion a URL appeared in
though, as its import, and any commentary spawning from it, would shift
depending on where you came from to look at it. (Now there's one for the
semiologists to discuss, but maybe they need a new tool ... ;-)
That implies that mere addressability might not be enough, you need to know
where someone is coming from too.
I believe there are some website detection/logging tools that can do that
but I can't confirm their utility with respect to this issue.
Has anyone used this approach?    (03)

Peter    (04)