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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Rod Welch wrote:    (01)

> Glad to hear this.  Can you provide an example showing how addressability and
> purple numbers are applied in email.  Do we see it in this correspondence, and
> I am overlooking the obvious?    (02)

Why don't you help me help you by telling me what exactly you don't
understand about purple numbers?    (03)

You may want to review Eric Armstrong's summary of a talk I gave on purple
numbers a while back:    (04)

  http://www.bootstrap.org/dkr/discussion/3462.html    (05)

His e-mail includes a link to my slides.    (06)

> I gather mpurple links the end of a para to the beginning of a para.  The
> purpose of that link is not clear, but adding an anchor to the beginning of a
> para is extremely useful for enabling people to cite specific parts of the
> record in preparing analysis and correspondence, which are important parts of
> creating and effective Knowledge Space, see POIMS....    (07)

The link is there for the user's convenience.  It allows the user to
easily copy and paste the paragraph's URL.  Frode Heglund originally came
up with this idea a few years ago.    (08)

> As a result, mpurple could make KM faster and easier, depending on the mechanics
> of accomplishing the tasks.  Can you point to a body of work product showing
> where this has been applied that demonstrates folks can knock out a lot of stuff
> using mpurple?    (09)

There's nothing equivalent to SDS right now, if that's what you're asking.
Otherwise, I've e-mailed a number of examples to this list on multiple
occasions; if these are not what you're looking for, please clarify your
request.    (010)

> ....similar to Eric's specs reviewed on 000505; Nexist is a technology framework
> for implementing and OHS/DKR-type system, and your work provides tools that are
> needed for KM, which is the catch all phrase for what Jack and Lee are working
> toward under the umbrella of Doug's vision for an OHS/DKR.  That is why I have
> long urged you folks to join forces, i.e., to collaborate.  Why is it that
> people ostensibly working on better collaboration don't seem to collaborate?
> That is another KM dilemma for NSF to ponder? (an inside joke)    (011)

I find this to be an incredibly naive statement, and I want to make this
point clear to anyone else who may share Rod's sentiments here.    (012)

1. All of the experimental work I have done owes a tremendous debt to
many, many people, especially Jack, Lee, and Eric (and of course Doug).
That's called collaboration.  I'm sure many others in our loose-knit group
would share similar sentiments.    (013)

2. That we are all not working on a single piece of software does not mean
that we are not collaborating.  The OHS is about interoperability between
many different applications.  Building the OHS means building a common
infrastructure, which is more a question of standards development than it
is software development.    (014)

3. That being said, standards development and software development are
closely intertwined, and you can't have one without the other.  However,
there is such a thing as premature standardization, and this would be the
case with the OHS.  What is needed right now is experimentation with
multiple implementations.    (015)

This is what we have.  My favorite example of this is NODAL.  Many moons
ago, Eric announced his KRNL project, an initial attempt at building a
node library for a collaboration system:    (016)

  http://www.treelight.com/software/collaboration/index.html    (017)

The response on the list was underwhelming.  However, we know that at
least one person looked at his stuff.  Several months later, Lee announced
NODAL, and on numerous occasions, he has gone out of his way to credit
Eric's KRNL system as an intellectual predecessor.    (018)

A lot of people have done a lot of cool work on this list.  TouchGraph is
a great example, and it has found its way into Jack and Murray's work.
Nexist, GSIX, Metaglom, and many other projects are other notable
examples.  SDS too!    (019)

Can we do a better job of collaborating?  Absolutely.  And we will.    (020)

If anyone would like help understanding any of the topics discussed on
this list, I'd be glad to oblige.  I'd encourage you all to ask these
fundamental questions, rather than "urge" the group to do things based on
incorrect assumptions.    (021)

> Incidentally, how are things going with dialog mapping that you reported on
> 010917.....    (022)

Going well.  I plan on posting some more examples this week.    (023)

-Eugene    (024)

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