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OFFTOPIC: message formatting (was Re: [ba-ohs-talk] MarketingSoftware, Killer App and OHS)

Rod, can you please adjust your mailer so that it word wraps around 70
columns or so? Your messages are exceptionally information dense and
being able to read them with as little chaos on the view would be
helpful.    (01)

I'm posting this to the list in general because Rod's not the only
offender.    (02)

In addition to making reading easier it also makes quoting more
effective.    (03)

Thank you.    (04)

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Rod Welch wrote:    (05)

> Early in the game the interface for literacy was pretty difficult.  You had to
> make tablets out of wood or clay, and you had to create chisels, sharpen a stick
> to make marks in the sand, or whip up something-or-other to write with, plus
> there was the hassle of learning how to spell cat, scratch, ball, fetch,
> foolish, lazy, etc.  You had to learn punctuation and lots of stuff.  Since busy
> people didn't have time to learn and perform all of these interface issue, there
> was a special role called a scribe, and probably a lot of other things less high
> sounding.  But, the point is that a revolutionary new way of working comes in
> stages.
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