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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] The perfect email client

Jack Park <jackpark@thinkalong.com> writes:    (01)

 % http://home.cnet.com/software/0-8888-8-9161160-1.html
 % "Let's be honest. When you think about e-mail and PIMs, you probably 
 % imagine Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. We certainly do. Between 
 % them, these two apps boast an astonishing confluence of features and 
 % tricks, but we want more--and so do you. Using Outlook as a jumping-off 
 % point, we gathered all our creative energy--and some insightful reader 
 % mail--and went where Microsoft engineers have yet to tread. The result of 
 % our journey? Ten wishes for the perfect PIM. Have more ideas? Send 'em our way."    (02)

 Wishes for PIM software:    (03)

 1) I wish I had the ability to keep connected lists and then
      to track them from different perspectives.    (04)

      This is really the "Improv" spreadsheet generallized.    (05)

      I could take a multi dimensional list and project it
      on each axis by a drop and drag action....    (06)

      (I sure do miss my Improv)    (07)

 2) I wish that my access to my task list was universal. My
    palm, my machine at home, my machine at work, the machine
    at the library, my portable all gave me reasonable access
    to my task list. But at the same time, kept local caches
    incase things did not work on the network, and kept
    reasonable security at the same time.    (08)

    This is a mumble of stuff. But basically, I want to have
    immediate access to what I am thinking about.
    But I don't want to give other access to it without intention.    (09)

 3) I wish that my calendar, and your calendar, and my task list
    and your task list could all be managed in seperate places,
    but given network, could communicate with each other,
    so that setting a meeting was trivial. But did not require
    that we were all using the same software.    (010)

    Why not have http://www.mysite.com/~me/mycalendar
    be a portal to an a tool that communicates with other 
    calendars that lets us all interact, without keeping
    our calendars in the same place.    (011)

    Or our task lists.    (012)

    Or our research lists.    (013)

 4) I wish that had a tool that fluffed my bookmarks/bibilograhy
    research lists, so that when things changed, that they
    automatically got annotated, or depricated, or otherwise
    cleaned up.     (014)

    The process of going from a list of discovered sites to a 
    digested list, to a maintained list takes more work that I 
    put into it.     (015)

 5) I wish I had a way to sign up for specific people as filters,
    who could pass me thier informational links, or thier 
    prioritization on a tool, so that as I go wandering around
    trying to understand link semantics in a more detailed way,
    that I could see trails of people who came before. But I don't
    want trails of any random person, I want to be able to 
    get the trails of the people who are currently rating high
    in my list of high quality sources.    (016)

 Enough mumbling for the moment....    (017)

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