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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Learning Groove

I wasn't thinking to reply so eloquently but I must agree. I spent the
time going to the web site and investigating but was among those who
don't use the "supported OS," so it turned out to be a waste of my time.
If you want to build community, don't require us to all use one OS
unless you're only interested in creating a community of people who
only use that one OS. I use linux, Solaris, Mac OS 9 and X, all but any
of the "supported OS's." The concept of "interoperability" has been
around for a long time, why is it so ignored? The day of that dinosaur's
predominance is long past; we're caught in its grasp only now by
inertia and ignorance of the alternatives. Open systems should be a
requirement for any community efforts.    (01)

I'll pass as well.    (02)

Malcolm Dean wrote:    (03)

> Lessee now, menu items are non-functional under Opera 6.1, and only 
> supported OSes come from a crowd of convicted monopolists. I'll pass, 
> thanks.
> Malcolm Dean
> Los Angeles
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