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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Tinderbox: tool for visual concept structuring

Some notes on Tinderbox, after trying it out to a limited extent (the 
demo version limits the number of notes that can be created).    (01)

- the main entities in Tinderbox are "notes", which can contain text and 
images, and have attributes;
- notes live in "views";
- views include:
   o map (this allows for visible links between notes)
   o chart (left to right fanout),
   o outline,
   o treemap (show hierarchies viewed as boxes within boxes)
   o html,
   o Nakakoji (text output).    (02)

-Attributes are of three types: System read-only, System but writable by 
user, User;
-Links can be established between notes;
-Links can have types (names), and so could be used to implement 
IBIS-like systems (but not multi-user IBIS);
-You can publish individual notes as web pages (via HTML templates),
-You can also publish multiple notes as one page, in weblog fashion;
-Notes can fetch URLs, displaying in-situ or in-browser (so notes can 
subscribe to pages or RSS feeds);
-Agents gather notes satisfying search criteria, and can also set 
attribute values. Aliases to the found notes are kept as children of the 
agent.    (03)

It's a proprietary tool, but available for MacOS now, MacOS X in the 
next 8 weeks, and then Windows. I figured out (with help from the web) 
how to make it use my default browser running in OS X rather than IE 
under Classic.    (04)

It's XML based and savvy, so plays with the open world of information.    (05)

Check Gordon Meyer's WebLog: http://radio.weblogs.com/0100524/ , for 
more. He's been using Tinderbox to organize notes from a lecture by 
Douglas Englebart.    (06)

- Mark
Mark Szpakowski
WebLog: http://radio.weblogs.com/0103362/    (07)