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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Learning Groove

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Johannes Ernst wrote:    (01)

> Does this summarize it? If Groove was different in all / some / 
> (which?) of these aspects, would you use it?    (02)

I share all of the complaints you listed, but I am not religious about 
them.  If the app is compelling enough, I will use it.  QuestMap, a 
Windows 3.1 app, is one example.  Of course, I have the luxury of being
able to write programs to parse QuestMap data, which not everyone has. 
Tinderbox looks like something that might be compelling enough to buy, 
but I don't have a Mac.  I haven't found Groove compelling enough to use, 
but maybe it's because I don't currently have good use for it.    (03)

Incidentally, I only run Windows 2000 for three things: QuestMap, PPTP 
(for accessing a client's VPN), and watching DVDs.  The latest version of 
OpenOffice works well enough for me to use exclusively.  xine has a ways 
to go, and I just haven't had time to configure a PPTP client for Linux 
yet.  And if Mifflin ever became open source, I could hack it to use 
MySQL, and run that on Linux instead of QuestMap.    (04)

Or, if I could get VMWare working, I'd purchase that, and get the best of 
all worlds.    (05)

-Eugene    (06)

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