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[ba-ohs-talk] RDF toolkit

"The goal of the EOR (Extensible Open Rdf) Toolkit is to seamlessly 
integrate all the components needed to build a generic web search interface 
of RDF Models. This toolkit as such provides the basic building blocks for 
supporting search services, topic-maps, site-maps, annotation environments 
and semantic metadata registries based on RDF.
The base level functionality provided by this toolkit include:
       Creation, deletion, and management of RDF databases.
       Ability to infuse RDF instance data into RDF databases.
       Ability to search RDF databases.
       Generic interface design capabilities to support RDF applications.
This software is availiable under the Dublin Core Open Source Software License
This page is a collection of resources for the development of an RDF 
application framework for supporting a number of the DCMI Dublin Core 
Metadata Initiative's prototype services"    (01)

My opinion is that the Dublin Core Open Source Software License reads like 
enhanced BSD.    (02)

Java. Uses MySQL database.  Drives servlets.    (03)

Looks interesting!    (04)