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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] new version of graph model paper posted

Title: Re: [ba-ohs-talk] new version of graph model paper pos
Further to Eugene's paper, you may also want to check out Cliff Joslyn's stuff on 'semantic hypergraphs'

Listed at http://www.c3.lanl.gov/~joslyn/papers.html

Joslyn, Cliff: (2000) "Hypergraph-Based Representations for Portable Knowledge Management Environments",
LANL Technical Report LAUR 00-5660, 2000.


Hypergraph-Based Representations for Portable
Knowledge Management Environments:
A White Paper

Dr. Cliff Joslyn
Distribtued Knowledge Systems and Modeling Team
Modeling, Algorithms, and Informatics Group (CCS-3)
MS B265, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545
joslyn@lanl.gov, http://www.c3.lanl.gov/~joslyn
November, 2000
Copyright Cliff Joslyn 2000

In this brief white paper we define semantic hyperwebs as labeled, weighted, directed
hypergraph-theoretical structures similar to weighted conceptual graphs; propose them as a
canonical framework for representation of knowledge and semantic information in Distributed
Knowledge Systems; and discuss technologies to support implementation. We are hopeful that
such structures and implementations will be useful in the development of robust, portable en-
vironments for knowledge management, development, elicitation, and exchange. This paper is
being distributed for comment, and not intended to be comprehensive, nor even especially novel.
Rather we hope to solicit guidance from the community and help point the way to hopefully
help develop and/or integrate o -the-shelf technologies which can be brought to bear on the
problem at hand.