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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] new version of graph model paper posted

Coolness.    (01)

As Lee mentioned as well, there is a sense in which the original
is "old news". But despite the familiarity with the concept, Lee had this
interesting comment to make:    (02)

   "I think the flaw with Groves and NODAL as a candidate data model
    for the OHS is that they are too document-centric -- NODAL less so
    than Groves. They express a data model for a document,  but depend
    on something external to relate data between documents.    (03)

   "The point I try to get across in my paper is that there is no need
   for such a distinction...    (04)

This sounds to me like a breakthrough in modeling that will be a
change/addition to the way NODAL or Groves is described and understood.    (05)

Even though they are, at bottom, a collection of nodes, the models are
rather document-centric, according to Eugene. It would seem that good
happen when the model is improved. It will be nice to understand what,
when, and how.
:_)    (06)