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[ba-ohs-talk] relationships -> graph tool?

	I have been hunting around for a bit, but I am still
	not finding a tool like what I would like.    (01)

	Here is the problem.    (02)

	Suppose that I have a list of objects and their
	relationships. Like:    (03)

	A => B    (04)

	B => C    (05)

	B => D    (06)

	D => C    (07)

	I would like to find a program that takes
	my list of items and then turns them into a basic/neat
	graph of circles and arrows.    (08)

	Does anyone know of a good place for me to start
	looking for this program?    (09)

	Or if not the program, then a library of 
	graph layout algorthms that would allow me
	to create one of these quickly.    (010)

	I am thinking that I have a database with two 
	columns, which define the name and then other
	objects that have a relationship, and I would
	like to dynamically graph this...    (011)

	Any hints would be appreciated.    (012)

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