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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] new version of graph model paper posted

On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 15:48, Peter Jones wrote:
> Lee Iverson wrote:
> >What is the query language though?
> Won't NODAL have to have two separate layers of expression for a
> query language as the node content and metadata nodes are separate?
> Or am I being dim?    (01)

Layers of expression? I'd phrase the issue as one of selecting nodes
based on a wide variety of parameters, including edit history, security,
and content.  I don't see any particular reason that these things should
be expressed or treated so differently.  In a certain respect, a node's
metadata can be treated as simply a set of properties that are common to
all nodes.    (02)

> And, thinking aloud, if the NODAL nodes (= the metadata nodeset)
> are a graph (not a tree) then isn't there a possible issue with
> decidability in node
> retrieval if a bifurcation (or n-furcation) has multiple endpoints of
> the
> same value wrt the query parameters?
> Or has some genius out there already covered that one?    (03)

I'm not sure I follow.  What kinds of queries would lead to these
"bifurcations"?  In a general sense, since equality of two nodes is
easy to determine, it is fairly simple to ensure that in any query
result multiple references to the same node get properly resolved.    (04)

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