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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] new version of graph model paper posted

Eric > But the things being viewed clearly have several dimensions.
> Since color and time are dimensions, we are always looking at a 5
> dimensional world, at a minimum.)    (01)

Whether color is a dimension or a feature of a dimension, no
difference really in the approach of how to use it.
i think of nD+1 where n is the number of dimensions needed
to express the object, then we need at least
one more - the observation - to try to grasp the problem.
If the 'problem' has 10 dimensions, then the OHS provides
that additional 'dimension' of a viewpoint on the problem
that the collaborators can use to manipulate issues.    (02)

> Again, I don't know that it makes it a lot of difference. But it seems clear
> that the act of reading and the act of seeing are both one-dimensional
> actions.    (03)

It may depend upon the environment. In one environment, you
turn pages to move from chapter to chapter; in another you
might just look in another direction or distance.    (04)

> In some ways, the whole point of hypertext is to allow that kind of
> "darting around" when reading, instead of being confined to a linear
> presentation, in order to facilitate the ability to "put the picture
>    (05)

This means quick and easy development of different views and the
ability to easy manipulate/combine/discard views.    (06)

> Or perhaps an even more accurate analogy would be looking at a large
> portrait in a darkened room, with a highly-focused spotlight. You could
> see a portion of the image, and as you moved it around, you could see
> more -- and also move back or forward to visit other parts.    (07)

Another one is that you are trying to build the picture by dropping
bits of detail at various places at different times by different
people who have the overall goal of collaboration. As the spotlight
shines to add/reveal detail in one area, then a different area may
respond. This area should now attract the spotlight so it can show
how it changed with the other.    (08)

Alex Shapiro >> (And a ticker tape is 1D)    (09)

Only from the point of view of the printed character:)    (010)

Best Regards,
Joe    (011)