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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: **** Instant Outlining !!! ***

Eric Armstrong wrote:    (01)

> Mark Szpakowski wrote:
> > Jon Udell's article on Instant outlining, at
> > http://www.oreillynet.com/lpt/a//webservices/2002/04/01/outlining.html
> > deserves attention.
> >
> > Instant Outlining is a technology being developed, and used, by Dave
> > Winer's Radio Userland group. It allows people to subscribe to each
> > others' outlines. Instant outlining:
> >
> > - is like Instant Messaging, in that nodes (messages) can be shared with
> >    buddies subscribing to them;
> > - is like e-mail, in that persistent messages are shared between people;
> > - and is like blogging, in that you get a narrative of ideas.
> Great find, Mark.
> Quotes
> --------
>   "The price, which had been rumored to be up to $1000,
>    turned out to be $0.
>   "Communication in this environment is by invitation only, and two-way
>    communication requires mutual invitation. Sayonara to spam.
>   "Transcluding content in this way is a long-overdue feature of the Web.
>    What's especially stunning, though, is that the feature is here woven into
>    an authoring tool that aims to replace email as the primary mode of
>    communication in closely-knit collaborative teams.
>   "We've been using this tool since November....When we switched over
>     our workgroup productivity soared....We've gotten very formal about
>     how we use it. I can't imagine an engineering project without this tool.
>   "There are also many things missing from this software, notably the
>     unread-message-tracking and WYSIWYG-hypertext-authoring
>     features that made Netscape Collabra so useful to me. But these
>     omissions are all easily correctable.
>   "It's been clear to me for a long while that the only thing that might
>    displace email would be some kind of persistent IM. That's exactly
>    what instant outlining is. If it catches on, and it's buzz-worthy enough
>    to do that, we'll have a framework within which to innovate in ways
>    that email never allowed.
>   "perhaps in this medium we can finally bootstrap software that
>    encourages and supports best practices. I'm keeping my fingers
>    crossed.    (02)

--The basic client. $40.
   A quote from that page:
      "René de Vries: "This could do to sharing knowledge what
                               email did to get people to communicate."    (03)

--The community-builder server app with instant outlining. (Great name.)
    Runs on Radio Userland. Free.    (04)