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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] XWeb XML/XSLT publishing system

Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> http://xweb.sourceforge.net/
> Java. Public Domain.
> "XWeb is a set of tools to generate complete websites out of a set of input
> files in different formats, most noticeably XHTML and your own XML formats.
> It tries to achieve the following goals:
>        complete separation of content and layout
>        semantic representation of the content in any XML format
>        easy editing of the website, including the addition/removal of pages
> Some of the most important features for achieving these goals are:
>        XSLT processing for input XML files (including chains of stylesheets)
>        rendering of buttons and banners using either internal renderer or SVG
>        adding of information relevant for navigation structure into XSLT
> process
> "    (02)

Sounds like a fascinating, and major step in the right direction.
How, though, do they allow for "easy editing" in "any XML format"?    (03)

And is there a simplifed DocBook or XHTML or anything that is
supported out of the box?    (04)