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[ba-ohs-talk] Outlining Hopfully Not like Email to Communication

Eric,    (01)

Your letter this evening has the following....    (02)

> http://radio.userland.com/
> --The basic client. $40.
>    A quote from that page:
>       "René de Vries: "This could do to sharing knowledge what
>       email did to get people to communicate."    (03)

Email is useful for sending and receiving information, but Drucker
points out that communication is more complex, powerful, and essential
than is information....    (04)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/93/11/30/002549.HTM#6150    (05)

You went on to point out on 000503 that "knowledge" is also too
complex...    (06)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/00/05/03/191727.HTM#5033    (07)

Just wondering if submission of Rene de Vries' quote today reflects a
solution to your concern on 000503, because that opens an important
door to progress, per your letters on 000120....    (08)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/00/01/20/080146.HTM#3002    (09)

...later on 000208...    (010)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/00/02/08/013124.HTM#4320    (011)

...which led to an innovation your propose on 000212 that has not been
followed up because it was lost in a sea of email, similar to NASA's
problem on 991001, which you explained on 011003, and Enron got caught
ensnared as reported on 020204. Can you explain though how outlining
figures into the "knowledge" issue?  Suppose we had whatever it is you
have in mind.  How would it save time and money?  For example there is
a report that "work group productivity soared."  Is that based on a
general feeling, or is there a calculation of ROI? Would this then
help Enron, Microsoft, Bechtel, IBM, etc.  Based on your experience
developing an outline program, what is about this report today that
justifies the proposition that it aids "knowledge"?    (012)

Rod       (013)

Rod    (014)