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Great? idea for improving this list (was Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Freezope learning environments)

Hi everyone, and especially Eugene, who is the moderator for this list.    (01)

I just had a good idea for an eazy way to improve this forum.    (02)

Why not make a list of metadata keywords that could optionally be prepended 
to the subject line of posts to this group.    (03)

For instance, the subject for this post could have been 
"[ListEnhancementIdea] Great? idea ..."    (04)

Then, a script or whatever could check the headers, and put the posts into 
groups.  If someone replies to a post, then it would not be put into a 
group because it begins with "RE: " (the "[" symbol has to come first for 
it to be recognized as containing a keyword).    (05)

The reason for this idea is that I wanted to mark Peter's post below as 
containing a piece of software that I wanted to investigate.  If Peter had 
prepended a keyword to the subject line, say [CollaborationSoftware], then 
this post could have been put into a group with other CollaborationSoftware 
where it would be easy to find.    (06)

See what I am saying?  With these keywords Eugene could make a webpage that 
looked like http://www.fury.com (or at least some rough interface that 
would look like the category list on the right).    (07)

The great thing about this idea is that participation would be voluntary, 
but peer pressure would probably get everyone to participate.  Also, a 
slightly annoying but functional thing to do in the case where someone did 
not put a keyword in the subject would be to reply to the post with the 
keyword in the subject line. (Or maybe we could think of a better web-based 
interface for doing so).    (08)

Also, (back on a techical tangent) multiple keywords could be supported, 
i.e. [Keyword1, Keyword2].    (09)

What do you guys think?    (010)

... Worst case, instead of a list of keywords, lets at least make a single 
[SoftwareAnnounce] or [SA] keyword to keep track of just the posts that do 
as the keyword says.    (011)

--Alex    (012)

At 10:54 PM 4/18/02 +0100, Peter Jones wrote:
>"Fle3 is a web-based learning environment. To be more specific Fle3 is a
>server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL).
>With the Fle3 Knowledge Building Tool groups may carry out knowledge
>building dialogues, theory building and debates by storing their
>thoughts into a shared database. In the knowledge building groups may
>use knowledge types (also called thinking types) to scaffold and
>structure their dialogues.
>Fle3 WebTops can be used by teachers and students to store different
>items (documents, files, links, knowledge building notes) related to
>their studies, organize them to folders and share them with others. The
>items in the WebTops can be called learning objects - if you wish.
>For teachers and administrators Fle3 offers tools to manage users and
>courses. The administrator may also export and import the content of the
>Fle3 database in XML format (compatible with the Educational Modelling
>Language - EML).
>Fle3 is Open Source and Free Software released under GNU the General
>Public Licence (GPL). The licence is protecting your freedom to use,
>modify and distribute Fle3.
>Fle3 is a Zope product, written in Python. Zope is the leading Open
>Source application server. Zope and Fle3 run on almost all Operating
>Systems (Linux, MacOS X, *BSD, etc.) and Microsoft Windows. "
>Peter Jones    (013)